Sultan Rahman is a book written by Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah Allamal Yaqeen Muhammad Shauib, the book has the highest Glorification of Allah Subhanahu Wataala of the most higherst status called Tasbihatgul kubrah that activates His power, Authority and command for believers when recited with sincere Intention divoted to His worship the One and Only one God, with certainty that there is no God But Allah and Muhammad is His servant and last messenger peace be upon him (sallah llahu aleih wasallama). 


In the Book Sultan Rahman , is written the Highest Glorification of Allah Subhanahu Wataala named Tasbihatul Kubrah, when recited with intentions of worshiping Him alone and only seeking His pleasure known as Dhikru-llah ( Rememberance of Allah) for benefits including the following:
1. Closness to Allah Subhanahu Wataala
2. Love of Allah Subhanahu Wataala
3. Love of His Messenger Nabi Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama ( peace be upon him).
4. Love of Deen of Allah Subhanahu Wataala
5. Love of believers
6.Become companion of the Truthfulfuness, Rightiousness, and Matyres.
7. Be among Dwellers of  Jannat
8. Your Soul will always be in company of Awliyaellah, Friends of Allah. 
9. Nur in this life and in Qabr
10. Angels watches over you.  
11. Attainment of Ihsaan (Worshiping Allah with certainty of seeing Him even if He is unseen veiled He is seeing you).
12. Get the best out of life.


Human life is a mystery known to Allah Subhanahu Watala alone the creator of everything that exists and sustain the existance  of His entire creation comprised of Heavens and earth, inside them are Stars, Souls, Hearts, Angels, Sun , Moon, and other livings of light as immotal Dwellers of the heavens, while Human beings, Spirits known as Jinn, Trees, winds, waters in Oceans, birds, Fish, animals, mountains, seeing, hearing, understanding, Clouds, insects, trees and plants are dwellers of the earth but not immortal.
Because dwellers of the earth arer not immortal, their demise is destined to come from evil spirits Known as Jinn 80%, the rest 20% demise of earthly livings non Immotal are natural. 
In Conclusion, 80% of human problems that ends into our death is caused by evil spirits ( Jinn) , they cause burenness in women and men, Just as human beings can stop a womb by terminating it to grow using available medical methods both traditional and artificial that causes abortion , the same way Evil spirits ( Jinn) are capable of holding a womb not to grow by holding the intestines inside stomach as we do not see them but they see us, they can do more evil than humans do, such as killing, stealling, preventing people from buying from you making your business  to operate at loss causing poverty, they engage in battles causing human blood shed you see in the world to day, etc. So the Highest Glorfication is sanctuary that ensures protection from evil spirits and evil human beings who may become your enemies for different reasons, and also cure from their attacks of all kinds including the most common attack known as black Magic or (Jadu)


Baraka Simply means blessings. This is the foundation of all kinds of success in everything we intend to achieve in life. Without Baraka, nothing can be successeful starting from business to family life. In order to have a happy healthy wife, husband and children, you must have baraka that temporaliry happens naturally but not permanent because of human enemies we have seen as evil spirits and evil people, they envil any good thing you may try to achieve and their joy comes from seeing or hearing bad things happening you, and they work hard towards causing, your downfall. that is called jealosy. 
So Baraka is a kind of securty that ensures your success destined to you Naturally but hindered with jealosy that some time if not ended ending up in killing others to stop their success, using possible means like court cases to stop success to come to some one, etc. when it comes to marriages, jealosy is the worst enemy finishing marriages and break families into pieces, some can not get children in their marriages if not natural cause, burenness is caused by jealosy of evil people usinng evil spirits known as black Magic or Jadu or evil Jinn troubling on their own , or natural causes from Destiney of Allah Subhanahu Wataala. Tasbihatul Kibrah is the name of the highest glorification written in this book Sultan Rahman which you must get a printed copy for clear intentions including security from enemies, cure from sicknesses, Baraka in business , family and friends.    


Its a choice to recite the Highest glorification of Allah Subhanahu Wataala with intentions to get above  benefit and more but its a Must to make pledge of allegience to the author before or after acquring a hard copy in order to get full benefits mentioned above and more. 
To Pledge allegience, say these words with sincere divotion and conviction from your heart:
Ash-hadu An Alaa Illaha Illa Llah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad Rasulu-llah, Wa asha-hadu annal Quran Imami ( Translation) Ibear witness that there is no God but Allah and i bear witness that Nabi Muhammad is His messenger, and i bear witness that Quran is my guide. See contact us page and send these words of biat as message, you just copy and paste. click here to Get Biat from Sheikh himself and become his follower